Apartments in Sønderborg

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Welcome to Boligforeningen Søbo

Boligforeningen SØBO is an organization that aims to build, rent, manage and maintain housing in accordance with housing regulations.

We have been doing our best to fulfill this aim for more than 60 years in close cooperation with Sønderborg Municipality. We currently manage approximately 1084 tenancy units. New housing projects are also continuously being planned to satisfy demand, and new housing developments are in the pipe-line.

At SØBO we aim to be able to offer all forms of housing, and we have a wide range of family homes in apartment blocks and terraced units, homes for the elderly in suitable locations and set amid pleasant surroundings, in the center of town. 

We are renowned for keeping our many housing divisions in excellent condition. Our older divisions are also undergoing modernization as needed in the form of, for instance,  installations, new kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Outdoor areas are also well tended. Some of our divisions also feature artistic elements, giving residential areas their own identity which residents can be proud of.

SØBO is organized and managed with deference to one of the pillars of social housing organizations – namely tenant democracy. Almost all our housing divisions elect a divisional board.

All these divisional board members together make up SØBO’s board of representatives, which, as the organization’s supreme authority, elects SØBO’s own board.

SØBO’s management is based at Sundsmarkvej 14, where a dedicated team ensures that the board's decisions are implemented, while helping our many tenants and members with lettings, repairs and other housing servicing.

Our properties are subject to an official code of practice. This means, among other things, that SØBO is a non-profit organization. The rent from our homes is cost-related and therefore only covers expenses associated with the running and management of propertis.

If you would like to be considered for one of the units, you must be a member of the Boligforeningen SØBO housing association and be on the association's waiting list.

Listing (membership) costs DKK 100 as an annual fee to retain your membership number, and if you want to join the waiting list, you further have to pay DKK 200. When you, as a member, are assigned an apartment by SØBO, you will be removed from the list. At that point, you must decide whether or not, you wish to be relisted for a new home at a later date.

If you are not already a member of SØBO, but would like to join, then contact SØBO to request a giro transfer form, or you can sign direct at our homepage. Payment can also be made by DANKORT at SØBO’s office.